Word Monaco Solitaire

Word Monaco Solitaire

The only word solitaire card game for the Palm


  • Stylish
  • Original
  • Fun


  • No 'multiple deck' mode


Every now and then, a Palm game comes along with the right balance of originality and playability to make it an instant classic. Word Monaco Solitaire is one such game. Its combination of a smart design and novel gameplay style make it a joy to play… over and over again!

The idea behind Word Monaco Solitaire is pretty simple. The game is exactly like a traditional solitaire game but replaces the traditional playing cards with letters. Instead of trying to group suites of cards, the aim of this game is to create words from the letters, until all the cards have been used. As in solitaire, when a letter is moved to a new column (to make a word), the card below it is flipped over, revealing its face and setting up a new challenge.

Word Monaco Solitaire’s style is one feature that really sets it apart from other new games for Palm OS. Modelled on 1920’s-1930’s tourism memorabilia, the game combines colourful simplicity with snappy animations to produce an enjoyable playing experience. Throw in some pleasant and unobtrusive sound effects and the end result is a smart and addictive pocket game which any gentleman or lady traveller would be proud to be seen playing at a café table in Monte Carlo.

Featuring three different game modes (each with a different background design) along with three levels of difficulty, Word Monaco Solitaire offers a decent level of longevity. Its simple, addictive gameplay guarantees that this game will be one that stays on your Palm even as other games are installed and removed.

Word Monaco Solitaire is an original, pleasant and enjoyable game. With practically no downsides to it, we’re happy to recommend this stylish instant-classic as a must-have game for all Palm owners and solitaire lovers alike.

Relax under the warm sun of the Mediterranean and play a cool game of word solitaire. Create words by moving letters from column to column. When all the letters are used, you've won! Three game variations, at three different locations, equals hours of fun. If you like word or card games you will love Word Monaco! Try it today.

Features of the game include:

  • Three game variations each with their own goals
  • Three difficulty levels to fit your skill set
  • Endless fun as no two decks are alike
  • Play the way you want with customizable game settings
  • Fantastic high resolution graphics
  • Engaging OS 5 enhanced sound effects (5.2 for Sony)
  • Install to device or memory card
  • Trainee tips to get you started
  • Strategy tips to help you win
  • Help section with instructions
  • Try the first ever word solitaire card game for the Palm today!

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Word Monaco Solitaire


Word Monaco Solitaire

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